Applebluesea’s  ambition is to offer art-photography to everyone of you, provided in limited editions and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The concept is based on a very simple idea : Applebluesea loves photography and graphic design. Often we haven lovely creative ideas that we never carry out. But.. if we have a larger audience we could create images that we think are just right for interior-decoration, home or business and make them accessible to as many art lovers and collectors as possible. And e-commerce is the perfect tool to accomplish what we dream off.

As such we offer you a wide range of photographic and graphic images that either we create ourselves or that we restore in it’s glory. Old negatives from the early thirties, botanical drawings from the late 18th Century, new images coming out of the Hasselblad…with only one purpose : please and surprise our audience on Applebluesea.

Prints at Applebluesea are made in our own lab. In order to get the best results we use the best technique for each image. Silver gelatin, inkjet, lambda-print … because we think that techniques are there to be used and not for it selves. The prints are numbered and a certificate of authenticity is provided. The same photograph can be available in one or several formats Each format has its own specific limit.

All prints are also available in what we call a shadow-box with wooden frame or finished as a minimalistic di-bond . On the technical page we explain all these details. These presentations have one purpose : it’s the image that counts and the synergy with your interior.

Enough technical stuff, just enjoy our images and give us some feedback through all the social media-canals , you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin .

Applebluesea is there for all the lovers of the light but also for your business. We have a special collection for business which can pimp your office or working spot . Formats can be customized, panoramas, triptych, etc.. just get in contact, we’ll be glad to help you.

 We hope you will enjoy the language of the image…

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