Passionate about photography and all things of beauty , in love with fonts and graphics.

All three of us triggered by the camera and the image . The image is more important then the technique so we try are very best to deliver pure and fine photography, whatever the technique may be.

It’s been quiet an adventure starting up Applebluesea, but with the experience of each of us we are confident we will bring you some exclusive and unique presentations. Jan as photographer, Tine as graphic designer and Franky as e-commerce-specialist. It’s the kind of idea you write down on a the back of a beer mat when you’re having a pint in your favourite pub. Well if you don’t try … we didn’t try, we just did it !

We bring you a mix of analogue and digital fine art prints . Own work in different sizes and subjects  and a series of restored old negatives . Epic pictures from the early thirties and sixties.

We are based in Bruges, Belgium probably the most romantic city in the world. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood please let us know… we’ll show you the way .. You will also find some images of Bruges and its heritage .

All Applebluesea photographs are produced by our own professional laboratory.  Each image can be available in one or several formats  24x36 cm, 40x60, 60x90 cm, 100x150 cm). Each format has its own specific limit (open edition, limited edition of  1O, 50 or 100 copies). For more technical inquiries you can check the technical info with each photograph.


Born in Ostend, living in Bruges, in love with Ghent. I experienced wonderful analogue times studying in Ghent . After my graduation in Photography and Publicity I served my country as …navy-photographer . It could be worse ;-) .

Shortly after that I started working in a photo-studio specialized in reproduction of art. Mostly museums and private-collections. And yes all analogue .. C41, E6, black and white… Passionate about this profession I started my own business. 1995… until today.

Today we start this side-kick , Applebluesea … call me mealy but it’s a dream come true .

I hope you’ll like it and we can surprise you with great pictures and images.  I’m pretty sure we will.  The treasures I already found in my collection of old negatives is stunning. I just love it. I must be the nostalgic one of us three …

I work with Hasselblad, Fuji, Nikon ,Lee Filters, and Manfrotto



Before I moved to Bruges I lived in Ghent together with my cat Dries. I adopted him when he was 7 weeks. A little red crazy cat.

I went to school in Ghent where I graduated as a Desktop Publisher, but I’ve always had a big interest in photography. I had a little camera and on every trip I did, I took my camera with me. So I decided to take a course, just to learn more of my camera. After 5 years I graduated and the interest for photography grew and combined with graphic design made it even more interesting. 

This is also where my story with Jan begins, we met in the photography class. We share the same love for graphic art and we felt we had to do something with our work. So much creativity, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

One thing was for sure, we want our pictures and reproductions on your wall in a way we can guarantee you that everything passes through our hands.

The pictures are taken by us or reproduced, printed by us and sent by us.

Can’t hardly be more personal, don’t you agree? And that’s what we stand for, we are not just an online shop, we are humans who care about your purchase, about your wish.

And so Applebluesea arises…




Born in Ghent and now living in Veurne. Webdeveloper and digital marketeer. One day I had a web project and the client could not deliver me good photo material. So I decided to study photography, and Jan was my teacher.

We had great times in school ( especially doing old school non digital black and white photography and development ), but even more, we became good friends. After talking about a webshop for the 50th time, we joined forces and decided to take this project with the 3 of us, each with his or her specialisation.

I believe we can offer you a great product, and I hope you will have a great user experience on this site.